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Size Guide

Size guide Cockers & Co shop accessories for dogs

This listing is primarily intended for sizes XS-SM.

If you own a L-XL-XXL size dog please contact us before making your purchase!

Indicate in the box the circumference of the neck, to be taken using any soft tape measure *excluding the ears.

Size reference:

From XS to M: Puppies, Cavalier king, Cocker spaniel etc.

L: Basset hound, Sussex spaniel, Irish Setter etc.

XL/XXL: Labrador, Golden retriever etc.

Woof Woof. For any need, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Waterproof and/or water repellent snood


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Waterproof or water repellent
  • Also reflective

    Neck circumference

    • Size guide Cockers & Co shop accessories for dogs

      Indicate the circumference of the neck(cm or in) *

      Measurements to be taken using any soft measuring tape *excluding the ears.

    Customize with patch or your dog's name x LEATHER LINEN WATERPROOF

    • Personalize your purchase *

    • Enter your dog's name *

    Waterproof and water repellent dog snood

    Available in the following options:


    • Pale pink
    • Blue Marine
    • Olive green
    • Anthracite
    • Sunny yellow


    • Fawn brown
    • Black
    • Cherry red


    • Neon yellow
    • Charcoal grey

    What's the difference between “waterproof” and “water repellent”?

    When we use the term "waterproof" we mean that the fabric is resistant to water penetration and its absorption. It's effective against water even in the most extreme conditions.

    "Water repellent" instead is a garment treated to facilitate the flow of water on the surface;
    it's not as effective as waterproofing.
    However it provides protection and comfort from light rain, fog and snow but not from heavy rain.

    This listing is primarily intended for cockers.

    If you have a dog of a different breed, contact us before making the purchase!

    Enter your neck circumference in the customization box (located under the product). Measurements to be taken using any measuring tape *excluding the ears.

    Please note. If we do not receive any reference, we will make a standard size for cocker spaniel.

    For any doubts or questions do not hesitate to contact us.

    Woof Woof. We are waiting for you!


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    Snood for dogs

    What's about?

    Dogs snoods are an essential accessory that has no season.

    In winter they protect our cocker's ears from rain and snow, preventing otitis and other ear infections.

    In summer they protect our four-legged friend from grass seeds. Green colored spikes, which are harmless until dry, at which point they turn yellow and stiffen. One of the most frequent points in which the grass seeds can hit our dog are the ears and one of the ways to prevent it is to contain them in a snood.

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