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Cockers & Co Logo

Who is behind Cockers&Co.

We are Sophie and Federica, two souls united by the passion for creating unique and comfortable products dedicated to the care and style of your dogs.

Woof woof!

I'm Sophie, a cocker spaniel to cuddle!

I am a female English cocker spaniel, with two long cutlet ears and a sweet truffle. I am a dog traveler: I spend my life riding between the rolling hills of Umbria and the warm Neapolitan sea. I am very loved by my family and I reciprocate with constant cuddles. I really like walking but also resting on the sofa, staying like a mussel next to my humans... and I bet your dog likes it too! Let's see if we have the same tastes when it comes to style too 😉


I'm Federica. Sophie's partner in crime!

After some work experience in different sectors I decided to combine my passions and skills in a business that would allow me to work alongside Sophie. My training in languages, logistics and digital turned the dream into reality. Follow us to follow our adventure!


Earmuffs and accessories for dogs

These little handcrafted cuddles have become a brand: Cockers&Co.: a brand of products and accessories handmade in Italy dedicated to the canine world, with particular attention to cockers. The items made by Cockers&Co. they primarily satisfy the dog's practical needs for care and comfort, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect with stylistic research that makes each product unique and elegant.

A dog's job.

We create, we customize, we ship!

Cockers&Co. it is not the first e-commerce of earmuffs for dogs but it is the Dog Boutique tailor-made for you: here you will find personalized products, certified fabrics, gift ideas but also content on the health and care of your dog, and many other curiosities.

Woof, Arf or Wof?

Whatever your dog sounds, we speak his language.

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